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Flexible Job and Great fees

Manage your own orders via App

Individuals who sign up get to receive the orders placed in their locality immediately via an App installed when you sign up. Not only do you see the orders but you're also privy to real-time analytics on work done.

Work in a small area

Individuals who sign up will only work within their locality or area sends all members will be signed to do with orders around them. This gives you less stress but much flexibility in earning good money.

Flexible time

You only work as and when orders are placed in your zone. This gives you the opportunity to do other productive things with your time.

Flexible days

Since you only get to work when others are placed in your locality, you get some days to rest or do I add a part-time work

Growing possibility

Working with Pizarea offers massive growth opportunities. Members get to improve themselves individually and career wise. Pizarea has grown rapidly and in the future we intend to grow at a much quicker pace.

Great Fees

Signing up for this offer comes with a very attractive financial package. The fees are very competitive and the bonuses are amazing.

"What you'll need"

  • A bicycle or scooter/motorbike with relevant safety equipment (road safety is a huge must for us!).
  • Smartphone - iPhone 4s or above or Android 4.0 or above.
  • The right to work in the Ghana.

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