Restaurant with Food Delivery Services in Accra

154 Total Restaurants

324 total branches

Pizarea has got the best restaurants in Accra that offer a wide range of cuisines to its cherished customers. Aside the delicious meals they present to their customers, they do delivery in Accra. The cuisines range from Chinese to Italian to African dishes and all other cuisines you can think off. They provide the best customer service, good hygienic conditions and exercise utmost patients with customers.

They have a team of staff dedicated to pamper you and fulfill all your needs as you so desire. Mainly because customers are their number one priority. Efficiency is the norm with these Restaurants. Pizarea originally took off in June 2015 registering its first restaurant which was Papa’s Pizza in June 2015 followed closely by Eddys Pizza in October, 2015.

Over the year 2016, Pizarea has grown tremendously boasting of about 20 restaurants in Accra by the end of the year with restaurants including Marwako Fast Food &Restaurant, King Pie, The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Melting Moments, Aristocrat Restaurant, Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant, Noble House Chinese Restaurant, Heritage Indian Restaurant, Wichburger, Rina’s Restaurant, Raw Sugarcane Juice, Birthdays, Tastys Restaurant and Bar, Ladl Patisserie, Living Room.

Marwako Fast Food & Restaurant have three branches across the Accra. These branches provide delivery in Accra as well. Marwako’s Shawarma is one of the most popular foods loved by many. Their fried rice and broasted chicken is also one of the most talked about meal in Accra. No one leaves Marwako without a smile.

King Pie can boast of various varieties of pie anyone could think of. From their beef burger pies to their pepper steak pies to their chicken mushroom pies. These are pies that will leave you asking for more; pies that could fill your belly for an entire day and customer service that will make your experience even more pleasant.

The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar has everyone talking these days noted as one of the best restaurants in Accra. Local dishes that will make every Ghanaian proud of their heritage to continental dishes just for everybody. It is a wonderful mix of culture and style that leaves every customer happy. These are but a few of the restaurants in Accra that Pizarea can boast of. These restaurants can be recognized as part of the very few best restaurants in Accra that provide delivery in Accra and beyond.

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