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Dining out in Ghana is a real treat for foodies as the restaurants offer an excellent mix of international cuisines to satisfy every craving. Traditional restaurants offer authentic local food at very reasonable prices. If you want to eat cheaply, go to a chop house or family-run restaurant. Western-style cuisine can also be found in large cities like Accra and Kumasi where there are strip malls. Most restaurants are open from 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Bars and clubs get going late in the afternoon and stay open until the wee hours of the night. Traditional Ghanaian dishes often consist of groundnut stews, spicy meat and a side of jollof rice, banku or millet. If you like street food, you will love Birthdays restaurant’s fried treats, including plantains, pork and yam sticks. Along the cities in Ghana, you will see plenty of worthwhile restaurants, most of which offer fresh seafood and off-the-grill delicacies. Vegans won’t be disappointed either, especially in Accra where there are a number of restaurants serving vegetarian-friendly meals. Birthdays Inn ensures to keep up with these standards and at the same time considering the safety of their customers by using fresh and healthy ingredients to produce their meals daily. Birthdays Inn is a local food themed restaurant situated close to the University of Profession studies, Madina Estate. The restaurant prides itself with providing excellent food and quality drinks at very affordable prices. You can choose from their menu which has food such as chicken wings, yam, pork, banku, tilapia etc. With frequent advancements in technology today,apart from walking into the restaurant to eat or takeout, Birthdays Inn restaurant offers an online food ordering service through Pizarea. This involves a process of food ordering and delivering through Pizarea’s web page or app. A customer will be able to search the for the restaurant on Pizarea, choose food from available items on the menu, and choose delivery or pick up. Payment can then be made either by credit card, mobile money, world remit for customers abroad who want to order food for loved ones and cash on delivery or pickup.

Birthdays Madina Branch

Location: Close to Asanka Local, Madina Estates, Accra
Opens at 06:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵0.00

  • Take away
  • Delivery