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Pizza is a dish of Neapolitan origin and cuisine, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference. Papa’s Pizza is one of the leading companies when it comes to pizza production in Ghana. Papa’s Pizza is a pizza company which is fully Ghanaian owned and over the years has grown to be a preferred pizza place in Ghana. Papa’s pizza is a restaurant or takeout where pizzas are made and sold as main food. Recently it isn’t only pizza that they sell, they’ve added a new category of food in the likes of burgers, chicken sandwiches and beef sandwiches hence, Papa’s Munchys. The company is committed to : 1. Customers: They value their customers very much, these customers are the reason why they go the extra mile to deliver the best quality pizza more on time and with a smile. 2.People: They focus on the welfare and development of the people as a whole who are the drivers of our success. 3.The Community: They are a community at work so teamwork is very important in their daily activities . They also care about the communities in which they live and do their work 4.Fun: They use innovations to create fun at work and also share the fun with customers. 5.Profitability: their business can’t survive without profits, so they uphold the ethics and all that is needed to ensure profitability 6.Living the Values: This would only be theory if they do not So they: -Serve the freshest Meals -Serve the best in Town -Fast and Nice Service Their laid back and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for business lunches, family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends after work. Apart from walking into the restaurant to eat or takeout, Rose Joy Restaurant offers an online food ordering service through Pizarea. This involves a process of food ordering and delivering through Pizarea’s web page or app. A customer will be able to search for Rose Joy restaurant , choose food from available items on the menu, and choose delivery or pick up. Payment can then be made either by credit card, mobile money, world remit for customers abroad who want to order food for loved ones and cash on delivery or pickup.

Papa's Munchys Circle Branch

Location: So Filling Station, opposite SGSSB, Ring Road Central, Accra
Opens at 06:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵0.00

  • Take away
  • Delivery