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African Cho’ Bar is one of the best local food joints you can get in Accra. It is finger licking good with a complete homemade touch. It is located in the heart of Accra at Abelemkpe. They solely specialise in local Ghanaian Dishes. In African Cho’ Bar, not only does the food make you feel African but the restaurant setting is completely African with great paintings on the wall depicting African traditions and culture. The use of wood for the wood for the interior gives a fresh and indigenous feel making the customers feel ever proud of their heritage. Moreover, they have an amazing and impeccable customer service that always makes their customers feeling satisfied and well attended to like royalty. The meals are prepared under strict hygienic conditions with while strictly adhering to sanitation rules and regulations. The food is prepared with such love and care like that home, that is why most customers just can’t seem to have enough. In addition, to the delicious soupy dishes thy serve irresistible Jollof rice and waakye every day after 5pm. So customers who were unable get their soupy meals at lunch can get their favourite African Cho’ Bar Jollof and Waakye. Being on Pizarea, customers are able to order their meals online and have it delivered to them. Customers can also choose to pay online with their mobile money wallet or VISA card. It is simple, safe, fast, and convenient. African Cho’ Bar meal can always be delivered to you. Their food prices are very affordable and the food portions are greatly satisfying. Apart from this amazing delivery service, African Cho’ Bar has splendid waiter services, take out and parking space for all customers who choose to dine with them. They also have reservation services available enabling their customers to book a place ahead of time, especially on special days when the place gets fully packed. So, to dine in one of the best food joints in Accra, African Cho’ Bar, Accra is the ultimate venue to eat and drink with ultimate satisfaction whatever the occasion. Browse their menu and enjoy your meal!

African Cho' Bar Abelemkpe

Location: Abelempke, Accra
Opens at 06:00 AM -04:00.

Minimum order: GH₵0.00

  • Take away
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