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In Ghana, fast food restaurants are very popular and most people who do not have the time or energy to make their own food rely on these restaurants a lot of times. Common fast food choices include pizza, burgers, fried potatoes, sandwiches, shawarma, pork chops soft drinks, smoothies and milkshakes. Many people who eat fast food tend to get their food from Zeallers tasty bites every time. The restaurant is located in Osu opposite the Osu Police Barracks, Accra. These days, it seems like one can find fast food restaurants on nearly every street corner, and going to a drive-through or using home-delivery makes going to a fast food restaurant appealing. Zeallers tasty bites restaurant enables you to consume ready-to-eat, fresh, portion-controlled foods. If you want to eat healthy food but don't want to prepare it at home, you can order something healthy from their tasty menu. This could include oatmeal made with milk or a salad that has a variety of greens, vegetables, nuts and grilled chicken instead of fried. Although fast food is convenient, be wary of purchasing unhealthy foods, such as fried chicken and pizza, simply because they are available and are appealing, that is why the restaurant offers healthy meal options too. Zeallers tasty bites offers different options of food, this wide assortment of fast food styles lets you experience foods from various cultures so that you don't need to spend exorbitant amounts of money at full-service restaurants. The low cost of their meal compared to a meal sold in other restaurants can help you stay within your budget. Even though home cooking also enables you to serve healthier, less expensive meals,whenever you want to eat healthy foods on a budget, purchase foods such as tuna , peanut butter, vegetable salads, brown rice, whole pasta and seasonal produce. These nutritious items are relatively inexpensive available at the restaurant. Apart from walking into the restaurant to eat or takeout, Zeallers tasty bites restaurant offers an online food ordering service through Pizarea. This involves a process of food ordering and delivering through Pizarea’s web page or app. A customer will be able to search the restaurant , choose food from available items on the menu, and choose delivery or pick up. Payment can then be made either by credit card, mobile money, world remit for customers abroad who want to order food for loved ones and cash on delivery or pickup.

Zeallers Tasty Bites

Location: Opposite Osu Police Barracks, Osu, Accra
Opens at 06:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵15.00

  • Take away
  • Delivery