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Mr. Wu’s restaurant is a high-quality eatery that offers the best Chinese home style meals. Famous for their dry-fried chicken wings, the combination of sweet, salty, spicy and tangy flavors infuse the crispy skin and savory meat, the restaurant can be found on the University of Ghana campus, Bani hostel. Most students refer to the restaurant as one of the ’fliest ‘restaurants on campus. For extraordinary Chinese food at a great price, customers from in and around the school go to Mr. Wu’s restaurant for specialty rice and noodle dishes. Who doesn’t like fried rice or any noodle dish? These recipes are very satisfying and delicious! With hopes to share traditional Chinese recipes, the restaurant’s main focus is to provide healthy Chinese food that everyone can afford. They always make a huge effort to use fresh and healthy ingredients for every meal that they produce especially the vegetables. Vegetables play a big part in Chinese cuisine. Almost every dish has vegetables in the recipe or is made to accompany a dish. They are also good for the human body. The restaurant specializes in certain sauces as well. There provide many Chinese sauces to accompany dishes or are added to a recipe when cooking. In this restaurant, you will find sauces that will spice up your dishes! The low cost of their meals compared to meals sold in other restaurants can help you stay within your budget. Even though home cooking also enables you to serve healthier, less expensive meals,whenever you want to eat healthy foods on a budget, purchase foods such as tuna , vegetable rice, vegetable salads, brown rice, whole pasta and seasonal produce. These nutritious items are relatively inexpensive and available at the restaurant. Apart from walking into the restaurant to eat or takeout, Mr. Wu's restaurant offers an online food ordering service through Pizarea. This involves a process of food ordering and delivering through Pizarea’s web page or app. A customer will be able to search the restaurant , choose food from available items on the menu, and choose delivery or pick up. Payment can then be made either by credit card, mobile money, world remit for customers abroad who want to order food for loved ones and cash on delivery or pickup.