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Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill is an internationally accredited restaurant in Ghana located in Tema Community 25. . They are notable for the serene environment they give their customers when they come to eat. It is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Accra. They are very famous for their Jerk meal which is an East African dish with a Ghanaian touch. They have a lot of experience in East African Dish because they started out in East Africa. The atmosphere at Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill is very serene with an indigenous touch that gives an amazing homely feel and atmosphere. It is mainly because of this that their customers always choose to return to dine with them. The delicious meals they offer always makes their customers want more, they never seem to have enough. Also, their recipes from local and exotic dishes are created to suit the contemporary and cosmopolitan palate, with an incredible mixture of herbs and seasoning produces a delicious and irresistible culinary enchantment. They serve the best food in town. Their meals are always hot and fresh. In addition, customer Service delivery at Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill is second to none. From the time you enter the restaurant premises to order to the time you leave, you are treated as a king. You never leave Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill without a smile on your face. They serve with optimum care and pay close attention to details. Moreover, their meals are prepared under strict hygiene conditions and sanitation. They adhere to all the necessary condition convenient for food preparation. This in addition to numerous reasons makes them the best restaurant in Accra. However, Pizarea is the online support for Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill managing their online orders and liaising between the restaurant and its customers to facilitate the smooth, safe and reliable food delivery service from the time an order is placed to the time it is being delivered. This enables Mr. Blinks Bar and Grill to provide delivery services for all who are not able to go there directly to place their orders. Their meals are greatly satisfying, presentable and attractive. They also have impeccable packaging which prevents any form of spillage whenever food is being delivered.

Mr. Blinks Bar & Grill

Location: Community 25, Tema
Opens at 11:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵0.00

  • Take away
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