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Mernest Pork is a subsidiary of Mernest Farms. They aim at producing the best quality pork and breeding stock for the Ghanaian Populace. Mernest Pork operates a pork joint at Osu in Accra. The pork joint has plans of establishing five more pork joints, it takes orders for pork parts (Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, Loins, Bacon etc). There's also a chance for house to house delivery of pork parts and a Special Pork Jollof Rice to Institutions. Most have attested to the fact that their pork is one of the tastiest in the market. They are able to get more referrals to the joint because of that. Currently they are one of the popular pork joints in Accra especially in Osu. People from every part of Accra order in small and bulk quantities for events etc. They provide specialised packages for corporate institutions. What is more fascinating about this pork joint is that the food is quite affordable. You can get a wholesome pork meal for only GHS 15.00. They give varieties including Kenkey and Pork, Jollof and Pork and your favorite Yam and Pork. Find the spiciest pork at Mernest Pork! one that would keep making your mouth water!

Mernest Pork

Location: Osu, 18th Lane close to the Goil Filling Station
Opens at 06:00 AM -04:00.

Minimum order: GH₵20.00

  • Take away
  • Delivery