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Waakye is one of the most popular breakfasts, yes you read it right BREAKFAST in Ghana and although many people overlook it, it is one of the most nutritious foods that shouldn’t be missed at all. Early in the morning, people queue up for this food and you may not understand why. Well, here are the 8 reasons why Hajia Safura restaurant do what we do Contains all the 6 food groups. One bowl of waakye contains, grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, protein etc. and there’s no other food that has it all in one dish. The only one that comes close is “Red Red”. Their waakye is usually ready by 6am so people on their way to work can easily grab a quick bite and this can give them energy until its time for eat have another meal. The best food for every blood type. There is a special diet for different blood types but a dietician confirmed waakye is the only food that cuts across. You should know by now. It is medicinal.If you actually thought waakye gains it’s brown colour from the beans it is cooked with, then you might want to rethink that. The colour of the waakye is attained from a special medicinal plant used in the preparation popularly called “waakye leaves”. Yeah, the “waakye-water” is known to cure diseases like malaria.

Hajia Safura Waakye

Location: Madina Ritz Junction
Opens at 01:00 AM -04:00.

Minimum order: GH₵1.50

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