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French fingers restaurant is one of the latest sport bar and lounge located in East Legon - Accra, close to the America International school. East Legon happens to be one of the the most popular cities in Accra and also hosts some of the most impressive and luxurious facilities in Ghana like the ANC shopping mall, schools, spas and others.Apart from the quality of the food and the standard of hospitality showcased by French fingers restaurant, a lot goes into making this restaurant one of the best and very profitable. French fingers restaurant always make sure to give their customers the best experience and also a brilliant environment which the customer would love and enjoy eating in. Imagine having a scrumptious meal in a shabby place. Not only does it cause a visually repelling effect on the customer, but there is a huge chance that the customer will quickly judge the restaurant to be unhygienic,irrespective of the hygiene standards the restaurant tries to maintain. In order for the restaurant not to drive away their customers, they pay close attention to keeping a clean and visually appealing decor in their restaurant. French fingers restaurant provide excellent customer service which starts with a genuine desire to delight their customers. They also cumulate experience their customers have when they visit the restaurant, what they think and feel, and how you can make things better. Most restaurants are surprised what they earn about their customers and their needs when they ask them what they think of their business, in this case French fingers make it a common practice to ask customers firsthand for feedback when they are completely orders. Apart from walking into the restaurant to eat or takout, French fingers offers an online food ordering service through Pizarea. This involves a process of food ordering and delivering through Pizarea’s web page or app. A customer will be able to search for French fingers restaurant , choose food from available items on the menu, and choose delivery or pick up. Payment can then be made either by credit card, mobile money, world remit for customers abroad who want to order food for loved ones and cash on delivery or pickup.

French Fingers East Legon

Location: East Legon
Opens at 07:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵10.00

  • Take away
  • Delivery