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The Village Bar is one of the best restaurants in Accra that specializes solely in local food. Just like the name suggests it is purely local. It is a great hideout with an extremely nice environment in the heart of the trendy East Legon. The Village Bar offers all your favourite local dishes. They have several customers dining with them and always returning for more. The Village Bar serves some of the best dishes in Accra. From local cuisines to continental, they will surely get your taste buds wanting more. Along with the impeccable service offered by them truly sets them out to be the best restaurant in Accra. They ensure strict hygienic conditions and observe the best conditions necessary for preparing the meals for their cherished customers. They are well noted for their soups which is just like home-made soups. The Village Bar’s customer service is simply amazing. They ensure rapt attention when taking care of their clients. They treat each customer like royalty they are. They make sure their clients get the homey feel when they dine with them. The Village Bar joined Pizarea in the first quarter of 2017. Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love The Village Bar so much to order their food online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious The Village Bar meal can always be delivered to you. Their food prices are relatively affordable and the food portions are greatly satisfying. Apart from this amazing delivery service, The Village Bar has splendid waiter services, outdoor eating or seating, take out and a huge parking space for all customers who choose to dine with them. They also have reservation services available enabling their customers to book a place ahead of time, especially on special days when the place gets fully packed. So, to dine in one of the best Restaurants in Accra, The Village Bar, Accra is the ultimate venue to eat all your local dishes, drink, party and entertain whatever the occasion. Browse their menu and enjoy your meal!

The Village Bar

Location: Close to Coffee Lounge Restaurant, Freetown Avenue, East Legon, Accra
Opens at 06:00 AM.

Minimum order: GH₵0.00

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