Happy people ordering food online on food ordering apps


Food ordering has long been popular in the western world, and Ghanaians have just recently begun to accept it as a way of life.

It is easier than ever to get food delivered to your house at any time and from anywhere when using food ordering apps.

Thanks to all of the fantastic on-demand food ordering apps that are now available.

Simply download one of the top food ordering apps, make a decision, place an order, and pay with your smartphone or cash upon delivery.

The following are the top five food ordering apps in Ghana that are most popular with clients and continue to have an impact in the industry:

Order food online on the Pizarea food ordering app
Order food online on the Pizarea food ordering apps


Pizarea is a Ghanaian-owned food ordering platform founded in 2015 that allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants for either delivery or pick up.

Payment can be made either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery or pickup.

There are countless reasons why anyone should love Pizarea but the top three is that; first of all, anyone can order food from any restaurant despite the distance once the person is okay with the delivery charge.

Order your delicious meals on
Order your meals on


Secondly, there are different mediums for ordering on Pizarea. Aside from the App, one can use the website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and shortcode *920*61# especially for those who use yam phones.

Last but not least is the amazing customer service offered. It is one of the best in town. The icing on the cake is the fact that they deliver on time.

If you have not used Pizarea before, now is the time!

Food ordering apps
Have your food delivered to you when you order using food ordering apps


Glovo is a quick-commerce start-up food ordering app based in Barcelona that was created in 2015.

It’s an on-demand courier service that buys, picks up, and delivers things that customers order through a mobile app.

It provides a variety of services, the most popular of which is meal delivery. Ordering food on Glovo can be done either through the App and or website and payment can be made using mobile money or cash on delivery.

Unfortunately, the Glovo App does not work in all locations in Accra.

Food ordering apps
Order your sumptuous food online

Jumia Food

Jumia was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012. It started as an online marketplace for electronics and fashion amongst others but expanded into food delivery along the line.

Order food on Jumia food either through the App or website. They promise to deliver within seconds.

The downside is, Jumia does not deliver to every location in Ghana. The restaurants that appear on the App depending on the customer’s location.

Customers are only able to view restaurants that are within a certain radius. Payment is also done either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery.

Food ordering apps
Online food ordering is made easy.

Bolt Food

Bolt is a mobility company based in Tallinn, Estonia, and was founded in August 2013. It provides vehicle rental, micro-mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services.

Bolt food boasts the best delivery price in town. To order food through Bolt food, one must download the Bolt Food App.

Bolt food customers can only view restaurants that are close to them or within a certain radius.

Bolt food does not deliver in all locations in Accra. Payment on Bolt food can be made either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery.

Food ordering apps
Order food online at the comfort of your home and have it delivered.


Shopnaw is a multipurpose on-demand marketplace for your ride, food, grocery, and parcel delivery.

Shopnaw now was founded in Accra the capital of Ghana in 2017. Shopnaw delivers to most locations in Accra and has quite a number of restaurants on the App.

Shopnaw boast of quick and smooth delivery. To order food on Shopnaw, one can use the App or website.

Payment can be made using mobile money or cash on delivery.







Cantry Delite Online Order Pizarea 0577690493


Cantry Delite online order Pizarea
Online Order with Pizarea.


Cantry Delite Ashalebotwe is a locally owned restaurant that provides a combination of excellent food pricing, fun packaging, and a serene atmosphere.

Country Delight Ashalebotwe set out to be the best food joint in Ghana. So far, they’ve not disappointed their customers.

Cantry Delite online order pizarea0577690493
Cantry Delite Online Menu with Pizarea.


The Cantry Delight menu offers a wide variety of delicious and mouthwatering dishes that appeal to youngsters and adults.

Their sumptuous, healthy, affordable meals and good services, have contributed immensely to their popularity and goodwill.

They’re most sorted after meals are; Shredded Beef Jollof Rice Vegetables,

Assorted Fried Rice, French Fries, Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings, Grilled Tilapia and Banku, Chicken Kebab, Fried Rice, and Grilled Chicken.

Cantry Delite’s menu would just keep you drooling. Their Pizza options are to die for;

Cantry Vega pizza, toppings of beef, chicken, tomato sauce, onions, and green pepper is definitely a must-try.

Oh, their Cantry Special Pizza with tomato sauce, beef, chicken, egg, sausage, green pepper, onion, cheese toppings will give you that orgasmic feeling.

All their delicacies are prepared with the best quality ingredients which produce dishes that are simply delightful.

They do not only have delicious meals, but also have fun packaging, a serene atmosphere, and provide exceptional services to their cherished customers.

Cantry Delite online order Pizarea 0577690493


Cantry Delite delivery service is swift and reliable. However, ordering food online from Country Delight restaurant Ashalebotwe is also available with Pizarea.

Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Cantry Delite’s food to order online and have it delivered to their preferred location.

Cantry Delite online order Pizarea 0577690493 is fast, safe, convenient, reliable with all safety precautions observed.

When looking for a restaurant that offers the best meals, and renders quality service, Cantry Delite Restaurant Ashalebotwe is the exact place to be!

Visit to browse the Cantry Delight online menu and order online for swift delivery to your doorstep.

You can as well contact Cantry Delite on Pizarea via 0242724347 / 0577690493.


Order Pizza Online? Order on Pizarea – 0577690493


order pizza online
call 0577690493 to order pizza online

Order Pizza Online from the number one pizza place, Pizarea. Pizarea is an online food ordering and delivery platform (available as a mobile and web application) that allows customers to order their favorite meals from any restaurant of their choice and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Most times, people assume Pizarea is a restaurant but that is not the case, Pizarea serves as an intermediary between customers and restaurants. You can order pizza online with Pizarea.


You can order pizza online or place your orders in just four steps via;

  • Get Nearby restaurants by entering your location.
  • Choose your preferred restaurant and browse their menu.
  • Choose your mode of payment.
  • Confirm your order


  • You can place your order via the Pizarea USSD (*920*61#)
  • You can also order via WhatsApp – 0577690493
  • The Pizarea app which we have available on Google Play Store and App Store
  • Follow on Instagram @pizareagh
  • On Facebook @pizareagh
  • On Twitter @pizareagh
  • Call lines – 0242724347 / 0577690493


The Pizarea USSD is a shortcode *920*61# available on all networks and on all types of phones. You do not need data to use the shortcode *920*61#. It is faster, cheaper, and a simple way to order your food. The Pizarea USSD provides options for you to request a call–back, check available promotions, and place an order. Feel free to order pizza online with the shortcode.

Pay Online on Pizarea
Pay with mobile money or card on Pizarea


Yes! We support payments from MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Worldremit. Choose the option for Payswitch to order pizza online on Pizarea. This option includes all the above-mentioned.


The price of our service is often determined by distance, so the closer your location, the cheaper your fee. Order pizza online without worrying about delivery fees.

delivery on pizarea


Deliveries normally depend on the restaurant and delivery location, but we strive to deliver within an hour.


Yes, you can place your order for pick-up. Also, someone can pick up your order on your behalf provided the person has the order code and other requirements requested by the restaurant.


You can schedule your order on the Pizarea platform and choose when you want it delivered. If you want to make changes to your scheduled order, our agents are happy to assist you in the process.


Pizarea operates within Accra, Cape Coast, Ho, and Kumasi.


Pizarea runs from 8am to 10pm. However, Pizarea delivery closes at 9 pm. All restaurants on the other hand have their own operating hours so they might be opened or closed in spite of Pizarea’s operating hours. One can call our lines – 0242724347/ 0577690493 during our operating hours and our customer service agents will be available to take your order.


You can order any meal of your choice, be it a continental dish, local, Chinese, Turkish, Pizza, burger, sandwich, shawarma, etc. You’d find a variety of meals on Pizarea. All you have to do is decide which category of food you want to order and have it delivered to your doorstep.


When you open the Pizarea app or Pizarea’s website, at the top of your screen, there’s a search bar that allows you to search based on your location or by the restaurant. The search results bring you the closest restaurants in your locality.


Is your order not exactly what you received? Please let our customer service team know so we could rectify this in time and also try to avoid such situations in the future. Visit our contact us page to make a complaint.

pizarea banner


Pizarea is the best online food ordering and delivery platform you can rely on. Our customer service is top-notch. Customer service agents are polite, show empathy and make themselves readily available to assist you with any inquiries you would like to make. They assist you in placing your order, listen to your complaints, and do their best to address all issues regarding your order.

Customer Satisfaction is our greatest concern. We deliver on our promises and make food ordering a delight.

Exciting Buy One Get One Free Promotions on Pizarea, Order Online Now!!


OH, we all love to eat, don’t we? From Pizzas to Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps, and everything in between. The satisfaction of our hunger is a worthy pursuit. Perhaps that’s why our eyes lit up and our tongues get wet when we see food, and when it’s a buy one get one free promotion, we’re eager to sink our teeth in. Brace yourselves, y’all in luck!


There are several existing promos running on Pizarea, for every day there are separate promos. Some of these promos include; Papa’s Munchys (Buy one and get one free), Pizza Inn Terrific Promo (Buy one get one free), Eddys Pizza (Buy and get one free), Cheezzy Pizza (Buy and get one free), Chicken Inn (Wonder Wednesday), and Gennex Pizza (50% discount on all pizzas).

Buy and get free promotions
Buy and get one free


Papa’s Munchys offers the promo buy one get one free. This promo allows customers to order any menu item and get one in addition for free. If you’ve savored Papa’s Munchys before then you will know what it means to lose out on such an offer. If you haven’t, this is the time for you to definitely try it out. Not only is affordable but also incredilicious. This offer is available on Mondays only which is why you ought to be part of this toothsome offer. So, when a Monday comes just think of the fulfillment it comes with. This promo lasts till the end of July 2021. Visit to view Papa’s Munchys menu and the options available.


Buy one get one free promotions
Pizza Inn Terrific promo buy one get one free


Pizza Inn Terrific promo is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays – buy one medium or large classic pizza at GH¢ 58 or GH¢ 70 and get an additional one for free. You can visit to view the Pizza Inn menu to see the available options for the promos.

Buy and get free promotions
Buy and get one free


Eddys Pizza buy and get one free is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Buy pizza from any branch of Eddys Pizza and get one for free. This promo applies to all pizza types. Should it be a Tuesday or Wednesday and you crave another promo, Eddys Pizza buy and get one free is yours for the taking. You can view Eddys Pizza menu on Pizarea to see the available pizza types.


Come every Wednesday, Cheezzy pizza buy and get one free is available, and be rest assured your taste buds are in for a treat. This promo also applies to all pizza types be it Meat Lovers, Chicken Supreme, Veggie Lovers, amongst others. You can view Cheezzy Pizza menu on Pizarea to see the options available.


Yes! It’s indeed a Wonder deal! Come every Wednesday, customers are allowed to order for Two Egg and Cheese Chicken Burgers with Two Regular Chips at the price of GH¢ 41 only plus Two Free Ice Cream Cups. You only get such a wonderful deal in Pizarea.


This promo is mind-blowing, Customers actually enjoy a 50% discount off all pizzas. This promo is available on Mondays and Thursdays only. Pizarea says pay half price for your pizza and treat yourself to some finger-licking goodness. What else is better than this offer? You only get such an offer in Pizarea. You can view the menu options available on Pizarea.

Pizarea, making food ordering a delight.




Order Best Pizza in Accra online on Pizarea – 0577690493

best pizza accra
best pizza Accra


Pizza has been one of the most sorted after meals in recent times across the globe. Its attractiveness has increased the demand for its consumption among all – men, women, children, and even the aged. Those in rural areas crave to know the kind of food people in urban cities love so much.

Being the first major company to deliver pizza with drones in Ghana, Pizarea has seen a massive improvement in its services when it comes to pizza delivery and more. The constant improvement in technology has made its service easy to use. Pizarea app is available both on Google Play Store and Appstore for easy access by customers.


Pizarea is an online pizza and food ordering platform available as a mobile application for both android and iOS users. There’s a web end to it as well ( It enables customers to access nearby restaurants browse their menus, place orders, and have them delivered to their doorstep. There are several pizza and food restaurants on the Pizarea platform with varieties of menu items available, including; Local (Ghanaian dishes), continental dishes, cuisine, Turkish and more. Pizarea operates within Accra, Tema, Cape Coast, Ho, and Kumasi. The Platform has prominent pizza restaurants featured on the app such as; Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut Ghana, Eddys Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, etc.

best pizza Accra
best pizza Accra available on Pizarea


We are a one-stop-shop for anything Pizza. The name in itself is enough to show that when you want pizza, you think Pizarea! Think of best pizza Accra, Ghana, think Pizarea! Want to order pizza online? It’s Pizarea, looking for pizza restaurants near you? It’s on Pizarea. Think of the best pizzas in Accra, think Pizarea! Pizarea is referred to as the home of flavorsome pizzas.

Without the internet, we’ve made it such that you can easily place your orders by dialing *920*61#. You can reach us on our WhatsApp/Telegram number (0577690493) to place your orders as well. You can order on the platform on every channel available, with no stress involved!

To make things even more exciting, we’ve got amazing promos running on the platform. There’s a buy one get one free promo on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Pizza Inn Ghana, buy and get one free promo on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Eddys Pizza, buy and get one free promo on Wednesdays from Cheezzy Pizza, discount price (50%) off on all pizzas on Mondays and Thursdays from Gennex Pizza.  Customers are able to get quality at very affordable prices.


Everyone is moving online these days to avoid the hassle in town. It’s essential to know the best places to get what you need online. Like we have demonstrated, whenever you think of Pizza, Pizarea should come to mind. We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, Covid 19; Pizarea offers you the best option for pizza delivery from your favorite pizza restaurants in Accra.

Apart from the normal delivery, Pizarea has introduced “Contactless Delivery Service”. This service allows customers to have their pizzas delivered to them without having to come in contact with the delivery person. Pizarea adopted Contactless Delivery Service to ensure that its workers and patrons are safe during this pandemic. Your safety is certainly our priority!

Don’t stress, order pizza online, Pizarea has you covered. Pizarea, Making Food Ordering A Delight!


Contactless Delivery in Ghana and Beyond Amidst Covid 19

contactless delivery

Contactless Delivery!

Contactless delivery is worth talking about especially in this era of Covid 19. Due to the pandemic, contactless delivery has become so essential to the daily lives of people. It is currently a customary procedure for most industries, especially for restaurants and shopping centers to reduce physical contact to keep workers and patrons safe.

What is it?

According to ShipBob, Contactless delivery is the process of delivering an order to a port of call while conserving restricted or no exposure between the person delivering the order and the receiver. In recent times, contactless delivery has become the norm as more patrons turn to online shopping to acquire their needs and wants and have it delivered to them safely.

Anyone who has used or uses any food delivery app like Pizarea has experienced and can attest to how contactless delivery works. Contactless delivery is not only adopted by food delivery services. Other spheres are as well analyzing ways to minimize contact points. Places such as hotels, entertaining centers, just to mention a few.

Contactless Delivery
Contactless Delivery Amidst Covid 19

The need for contactless delivery has presented an eccentric opportunity for the technology sphere to further invest in contact – free tools or gadgets such as drones, self-driving vehicles that would aid the course.

The Idea

The whole idea behind contactless delivery is that there’s no need to hand off or interchange goods in person, and preferably no exposure whatsoever with the delivery person. The order is simply dropped off at the port of call, alerting the receiver via phone call, text message or email.

In some cases, depending on the courier, the delivery person can take a picture of the package and send it to the receiver, directing him or her to the port of call when the delivery arrives. The receiver is notified of their order and directed to the port of call. This in turn reduces the risk of package theft (which is bound to happen if the receiver is not notified of their delivered package).


Pizarea, to ensure genuine safety measures, requires delivery persons to wear personal protective equipment when dropping of an order at a port of call. This helps keep both the receiver and the delivery person safe while handling packages and dropping them off. Pizarea ensures that all delivery persons;

  • Wear gloves that cover both wrists
  • Wear face mask properly to cover mouth and nose
  • Keep hand sanitizers in delivery couriers and using it regularly.

Pizarea requires temperature checks of all delivery persons before starting their shift. The safety of our riders and our customers is our greatest concern. By observing the protocols, we ensure everyone’s safety!


Source: ShipBob


Order Burgers Online from Rocomamas Accra on Pizarea

Rocomamas Accra
Order Online on Pizarea

Rocomamas Accra?

Rocomamas Accra was launched in Accra in the last quarter of 2020. In such a short time after its launch, it has become one of the fastest-growing and trendiest restaurants in the Ghanaian Food industry. As part of the many restaurant brands under Simbisa, Rocomamas was established in July 2013. it has thrived in Southern Africa, amassing true patronage from burger fanatics.

Rocomamas Accra Menu

You should try having an encounter with any of their mouth-watering menu options maneki casino. Rocomamas Accra will have you begging for more. They serve the types of meals that are messy yet tasty enough to make the mess seem attractive!

Burger MenuRocomamas Accra on Pizarea

Their menu spots unique, cool yet crazy menu options, the youthful population with their modish style can relate to. Their menu consists of luscious burger options (Smashed Burgers) with combinations such as Chili Cheese Bomb Burger made up of; smashed beef, aged cheddar, mozzarella, bomb, fresh chili, and chili mayo.

Another interesting burger option Rocomamas Accra provides is the Old School Burger made up of; smashed beef, tomato, red onion, and Roco mayo. Their Rock Star Burger is one option you would definitely enjoy. It will leave you craving for more. It’s made up of; smashed beef, mozzarella, caramelized red onions, and Roco mayo.

Rocomamas Accra Ghana

Pork Ribs and Amazing Shakes

Excite your taste buds with their succulent Pork Ribs, Nachos, Salads, and Shoe String Fries. If you ever want to have a foodgasm, then the above-mentioned options combined with their Shakes and G*shakes; Freak Shake – Peanutology, Freak Shake – Candylicious, G*shake – Blueberry, G*Shake – Oreo, Freak Shake – Slow Death By Chocolate will make you go ”gaga”!

Rocomamas Accra, Interesting Hangout

If you want to hang out with loved ones, friends, and family at a place that acknowledges a distinctive lifestyle and makes you feel a sense of belonging, then Rocomamas Accra might just be the right hangout spot for you, and be rest assured your taste buds are in for a heavenly treat.

Rocomamas Accra A&C Mall

Rocomamas on Pizarea

Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Rocomamas to order their favorite burgers online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient, and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your succulent burgers, Pork Ribs, Fries, Chicken Wings, amongst others can always be delivered to you.

Customers can visit to explore the variety of menu options and place orders. To make food ordering even more exciting and convenient, customers can also via the Pizarea Mobile App available on Google Playstore and Appstore. You can call or WhatsApp 0577690493  to place your orders or dial the short code *920*61# to place orders from Rocomamas Accra on Pizarea.







The Future of Online Payment in Ghana and Africa – Pizarea

Online Payment?

Online Payments

Online Payment is basically collecting payments over the internet or electronically. Invoice Berry defines online payment as an electronic exchange of currency for purchased goods or services which are facilitated by payment gateways or payment service providers

The How…

Online payment has to be done over a concealed connection so as to reduce the possibility of information theft thus, having personal and billing information stolen. Making a payment casoola ceske casino online can be done by entering payment information (e.g., debit card, credit card, PayPal details) into an online checkout form in order to make payment. The payment gateway then securely sends the transaction to the processor (e.g., Visa) who verifies and approves the transaction. The customer’s bank sends money to the processor who in turn sends money to the merchant’s bank. The merchant receives the message of approval or denial from the processor. If the transaction is approved, then the merchant receives money for the item sold.

Online Payment

Online Payment and Businesses

The methods offered to customers when it comes to online payment can have an enormous effect on the success of every business. The way payment is accepted from customers does not only affect revenue but also the growth of the business.

Businesses have to deeply understand the options available to them in accepting online payment. Some of the things to take into consideration are options (methods) available to the business, how those methods work, how the chosen payment option affects the business, and how to choose suitable payment options.

Types and Examples

The methods frequently used are Bank Debits (also known as Direct debit), Bank Transfers (also known as a wire transfer), Online debit or credit card transactions, and Digital wallet payments (like PayPal).

Paystack, Express pay, Interpay, Slydepay, and Myghpay, The teller is amongst the top ten (10) best payment gateways in Ghana to accept online payment.


One may argue that online payment is not worth the hype because it makes customers vulnerable to cybercriminals. It also causes inconvenience when there are internet or technical problems.

Why it’s Important

Some of the reasons most people will opt for online payment override the argument of its negativity. First and foremost, the online transaction gives fast feedback to both customers and merchants. Also, online payments generally go straight into the bank account, reducing the risk of theft. Online payment promotes instant payment, bridges the gap of restriction, and allows customers to buy goods and services without having to be present physically.

Online Payment on Pizarea
Pay with mobile money or card on Pizarea

Online Payments on Pizarea

Pizarea is a platform that allows customers to order food from restaurants, far and near, and have it delivered to them at their very doorstep. Pizarea facilitates the use of online payment – you can pay for your food online without hassle! Even though customers have an option of paying offline, most customers like to use online payment because of how convenient it is. Also, not having to think about looking for a smaller denomination or having the exact amount in hand for dispatch riders when the food is delivered is a huge relief.

Pizarea has made a lot of options available for customers who want to perform transactions using online payment. Some of the online payment options available on Pizarea are MTN mobile money, Airtel money, Vodafone Cash, World remit, Visa, and Mastercard.

In Conclusion

The world is evolving and technology has come to stay as part of human life. Everything in the world is now linked to technology in one way or the other. Businesses are also evolving with technology and trying to use technology to make transacting business easier for customers. Online Payment is a technology that can no longer be ignored by both individuals and businesses. Embracing it is the way to go!


Order Online from Pizza Inn Adjiringanor, The Bridge on Pizarea

Pizza Inn Adjiringanor Branch Opened!

Pizza Inn Adjiringanor, the Bridge
Pizza Inn Adjiringanor, the Bridge

Pizza Inn Adjiringanor now opened! Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the most remarkable pizza restaurants in Ghana. It is a brand that has several branches across Africa including Pizza Inn Kenya, Pizza Inn Zimbabwe, and Pizza Inn Ghana.

In Ghana, there are about six (6) branches across the capital, Accra. This number is still expanding as time goes on. The branches of Pizza Inn include; Pizza Inn Accra Mall, Pizza Inn Junction Mall, Pizza Inn Achimota Mall, Pizza Inn 37, Pizza Inn KIA, and Pizza Inn Westhills Mall, and the newest Pizza Inn Adjiringanor (the Bridge) or Pizza Inn East Legon Branch. These branches are at the most accessible places across Accra.

Pizza Inn Adjiringanor, Pizza Inn The Bridge

The specialized international pasta and pizza producing company, Pizza Inn Ghana expands their territory as they open a new branch in East -Legon. The Pizza Inn Adjiringanor branch was opened officially on December 11, 2020. The Pizza Inn Adjiringanor branch is also known as Pizza Inn The Bridge Branch located close to the Shell Filling Station on the Adjiringanor road.

The popular and most patronized pizza franchise has launched this new branch with the sole aim of making their sumptuous food available within every nook and cranny of Ghana with no stress.

Pizza Inn East Legon Branch on Pizarea

Being on Pizarea, allows customers to place orders online via the web, app, WhatsApp or call in and have it delivered to them at a location they choose or order to pick up later at the restaurant in order to skip queues they might possibly face.

Pizarea, the fastest-growing food ordering, and delivery platform is the trusted brand that ensures you order a wide range of food including Rice dishes, Pasta, Chicken and Chips, Shawarma, Wraps, and Pizzas from Pizza Inn Adjiringanor branch and other restaurant branches from the comfort of your homes and have it delivered without a hassle. It’s even more interesting to know that customers can as well order food via WhatsApp on 0577690493. Also, customers can dial the short code *920*61# to place their orders. Customers can order on all days including Terrific Tuesdays and Thursdays from the new branch.

Both Pizza Inn Ghana and Pizarea have been rendering services to thousands of customers for the past few years and are credible in serving and delivering the best of services and quality food to our cherished customers.

Be on the lookout for Pizza Inn Adjiringanor branch. Visit to explore the variety of food items on their menu and place your orders.


Order Online from Papa’s Pizza Kasoa on Pizarea

Papa’s Pizza Kasoa Opened!

Papa's Pizza
Papa’s Pizza Kasoa (Weija) now opened

Papa’s Pizza Kasoa also the Papa’s Pizza Weija branch is now opened to serve people in the Weija-Kasoa environs.

Papa’s Pizza is a fully Ghanaian-owned pizza firm that has over the years grown to be the most preferred pizza place in Ghana. Papa’s Pizza, Accra is one of the biggest and the most popular pizza restaurants in Ghana. The company serves a huge population of Ghanaians that love pizza. Papa’s specializes in pizza, rice, pork, and chicken.

Papa’s Pizza Branches

Their branches include; Papa’s Pizza East- Legon, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Dome, Papa’s Pizza Dansoman, Papa’s Pizza North-Legon, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Weija, and Papa’s Pizza Kasoa. All these branches are situated at places where most people can easily access them. For most pizza lovers, they are located at the hottest spots in Accra and Tema.

Papa’s Pizza has served in the Ghanaian food industry since 2011. The restaurant has become one of the big participants in the pizza making and delivery sphere. As a fast-growing business, there’s always something new going on with Papa’s Pizza. They’ve been around for close to a decade now and there’s no doubt that we are still at the beginning of seeing more astounding surprises from this pizza restaurant.

The menu at Papa’s Pizza includes a diverse array of globally influenced baked to perfection pizza and other plates. If you don’t know what to order, you can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Love pizza, Ghanaman pizza, Chicken Supreme, Papa No, and Papa’s Full House. There’s even buzz about the Meat Eater being the best in town.

Papa’s Pizza Kasoa

Ghana’s number one finest rated pizza hub, Papa’s Pizza launches Papa’s Pizza Weija branch (Kasoa). In the bid to meet the high demands of pizza lovers in Weija (Kasoa) and its environs, Papa’s Pizza Ghana has brought closer their service in Weija (Kasoa) which is officially opened to the general public. Papa’s Pizza Kasoa branch also comes with the yummiest pizzas, pasta, and side dishes you can’t resist as usual. Papa’s Pizza Ghana is the number one Pizza joint in Ghana that is loved by many people, not only because of the sumptuous dishes but also the services and offers provided to customers. Papa’s Pizza Kasoa branch (Weija) core mission is to provide customers with quick, tasty, and convenient meals provided, with the best in customer service.

Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Papa’s Pizza so much to order food online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient, and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious pizza can always be delivered to you. Customers can visit to explore the variety of pizza types and other food items on their menu and place their orders. To make food ordering even more exciting, customers can now order food from Papa’s via WhatsApp on 0577690493 with no stress at all. Pizarea Making Food Ordering a Delight.