Order Online from Peterpan Restaurant on Pizarea

Peterpan Restaurant?

Peterpan Restaurant is one of the most notable restaurants in Ghana. They are known for their tasty chicken and affordable prices. They serve one of the best Fried Crispy Chicken in Accra. Peter Pan has been in existence for over a decade. Not only are they known for their tasty chicken, but also for their sumptuous burgers, pizzas, as well as other side meals. The restaurant offers affordable prices and convenience without compromising quality. Peter Pan provides flavorsome meals served by professional staff. Its reputation for delicious food and great service is what has put them on the map as an amazing restaurant. Whether customers want tasty crispy chicken, burgers, or pizza, Peter Pan will never disappoint.

Peterpan Restaurant Branches

The branches are spread fairly across the capital, Accra. Peterpan Restaurant has several branches in Ghana and they include; Peterpan East Legon, Peterpan Madina, Peterpan Dzorwulu, Peterpan Kumasi Mall, and previously Peterpan Tema.  Eventually, there will be new branches as the brand expands.

Peterpan on Pizarea

Peterpan restaurant joined the Pizarea platform one of the top online food ordering and delivery service platforms recently. On Pizarea customers can easily go online view and browse the Peterpan Menu. Customers can then go-ahead to order their favorite chicken meals or pizza online. Customers are given the option to pick up at the branch or to request for delivery anywhere in Accra. If you’re in search of Peterpan’s contact, look no further than the Pizarea platform. There are customer engagement officers ready to help you with your inquiry and to place orders.

If you’re into a Korean feel in your meals, Peterpan has you covered. You’d find the famous Kimchi as an accompaniment for your food. If you haven’t tried it yet, let your curiosity lead you to order from Peterpan Restaurant. Call 0577690493/0242724347 to place an order or for further inquiries.

Order Online on all Platforms, Pizarea USSD Launched!!!

Pizarea is particularly an online food ordering platform that can only be accessed via the internet and by the use of a smartphone. That is to say for people who do not have access to the internet or a smartphone, it will be impossible to use the platform. In our part of the world this implies that there is a large customer base that is going unserved. A lot of people in Ghana work in the informal sector. These people still prefer to use feature phones, which we call in Ghana “Yam” phones. To breach the gap and to satisfy all customers, Pizarea has introduced the Pizarea USSD code.

What is the Pizarea USSD?

The Pizarea short code *920*61# is available on all networks and on all types of phones. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to buy data to use the shortcode. It is one of the fastest, cheapest, and simplest ways to order your food. All you need to know is the Pizarea USSD code, *920*61#. For new customers, they’d be asked to enter their name. Because they are using a working number to dial the USSD, there is no need to enter the phone number. They will be signed up immediately after! However, existing customers will see a welcome message as well as options describing what they can do on the platform. They will be given the choice to check existing promotions, place an order, or request a callback.


The Promotions Option will tell customers about existing promos running on the day in question. For every day there are separate promos. Some of these promos include Eddys Pizza Buy and Get One Free Promo, Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo, and Chicken Inn Wonder Wednesday. This option will make ordering for these promos easily accessible to customers.

Place An Order

The Place an Order Option on the Pizarea USSD will display some of the top restaurants on the platform including Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Eddys Pizza, Pizza Hut, and the like to customers. From some of these restaurants, customers will be able to easily order top favorites directly on the USSD. However for some of the restaurants listed, customers will be called immediately after a request has been put in.

Request Call Back

The Request Call Back Option is valid for customers who will want to check the status of an order that has already been placed, make an inquiry, or report an issue. Customers can use this option too when they want to place their orders from restaurants that don’t appear on the list.


The Pizarea USSD has officially been launched and it’s available to all customers; no stress, no hassle, just dial *920*61#…

Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch Opening – Pizarea

Introduction (Papa’s Pizza North Legon)

Currently, in Ghana, Pizza Restaurants have become innumerable. There is a growing demand for pizza and it does not look like this growing demand is going down anytime soon. We’ve got up and coming restaurants adding pizza to their menus just to be in the game; to be able to serve all kinds of customers. For big industry players, it is something to be wary of. The competition has never been so fierce. Social Media is colored with alluring posts from all these restaurants. The need to stand out as the number one pizza place in the country has reached an all-time high.

Papa’s Pizza has served in this industry since 2011. The restaurant has become one of the big players in the pizza making and delivery business. As a fast-growing business, there’s always something new going on with Papa’s Pizza. They’ve been around for close to nine (9) years now and there’s no doubt that we are still at the beginning of seeing more amazing surprises from this pizza restaurant.


Starting with only one branch at East Legon, the restaurant has grown to have about seven (7) branches spread across Accra and Tema. Wherever you are in Accra, there’s a Papa’s Pizza Branch close by. It has made pizza delivery easier and much cheaper for both consumers and dispatch riders. The branches include Papa’s Pizza East Legon, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad, Papa’s Pizza Dome, and the newly established Papa’s Pizza North Legon.

Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch

Papa’s Pizza North Legon serves people located around Haatso, North Legon, Adenta, Madina, Agbogba and its environs. The Papa’s Pizza North Legon branch is located at Top Herbal on the Haatso – Agbogba road close to Antis. The restaurant branch has a spacious sitting area perfect for family gatherings, parties, corporate lunch bookings, etc. The atmosphere is good enough for people who like to work in open spaces. As usual, expect nothing but the best customer service from Papa’s Pizza. The north legon branch will have you coming back. The staff is chatty and easy going. This feature of theirs has certainly led to high customer retention.

Papa’s Pizza New Menu Additions

To attract more customers, you need to find new and exciting ways to make your product stand out. For Papa’s Pizza, their menu options have always been interesting. In the past, a pizza option was named after a famous song at the time. This song was “no kissing babe”. Papa’s Pizza adopted the name for one of their pizza types. The interesting name got people wondering and definitely curious customers will always buy. In the same way, in recent times they have added new pizza types that feature local names like Abom Pizza, Bompata and the newest addition known as Ghana Jollof Pizza. Just as the name goes, this pizza type is made up of your favorite Jollof stew, cheese, goat meat, beef, and chicken. Imagine yourself eating this type of Pizza! The combination is simply irresistible!

Online Partners – Pizarea

Order online from any of the branches of Papa’s Pizza on Pizarea! The newest branch is also available on the Pizarea platform. You can access it both on the app and on the web.


Papa’s Pizza Ghana Goes Digital Supported by Pizarea

In Ghana currently, there are a host of Pizza Restaurants. The demand for pizza has never been this high. For instance most restaurants who are not even specialised in making pizza are adding it to their menus. To be able to serve all kinds of customers, restaurants are bringing in their ‘A’ game. It is a wise decision in the right direction and this has certainly led to a lot of competition in the pizza industry as well as the restaurant industry as a whole. Papa’s Pizza Ghana now Goes Digital supported by Pizarea.
Papa’s Pizza Ghana
It is therefore imperative that restaurants find innovative ways and means to attract new customers and keep old customers happy. Papa’s Pizza is one of the leading pizza outlets in Accra and in Ghana as a whole. They have been in existence for the past seven (7) years. In those years, they have continued to grow tremendously. Papa’s Pizza Ghana has about six (6) branches spread across the Accra and Tema Metropolis.
The branches include, Papa’s Pizza Eastlegon, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad and the newly established Papa’s Pizza Dome. You can get the location of these branches at a strategic vantage points to serve all caliber of customers. From wherever you maybe, there’s always a Papa’s Pizza branch nearby.
Among the pizza outlets in Accra, Papa’s Pizza can boast of being the one with the best of customer service. As part of their ways to keep their customers consistently happy, whenever you arrive at any of their branches, you have people welcoming you and taking your orders right at their car parks. After orders are placed, they call customers to find out about their experience when they ordered from them. They are able to know where they fell short and how to improve on their service. This feature of theirs has certainly led to high customer retention.
Papa’s Pizza and Digitization
There’s no doubt that we have entered into an era where people use  smart devices  for every kind of service. In other words, people have come to embrace the idea of being able to order for anything online at the convenience of their homes without much hassle. It is no wonder that with the help of Pizarea, Papa’s Pizza now goes  digital in serving customers.
Customers can order from Papa’s Pizza on their website www.papaspizzaghana.com as well as on www.pizarea.com and  They are one of the merchants signed up on the Pizarea platform. Apple users can place orders from Papa’s Pizza by downloading the Pizarea

App on App Store.
At the tap of your phone, tablet or computer, you can  also place an order online and have it safely delivered to you wherever you are. You can expect help from either the Pizarea support or Papa’s Pizza support team if you have any issues ordering.
Over the years, Papa’s Pizza has run several promos. Some of these promos are ongoing while others have been discontinued. Monday Madness was one of the promos they run. A promo where you buy a particular pizza type at a subsidized cost.  Falaa which is the Papa’s Pizza Buy One Get One Free promo is ongoing. In addition, Papa’s Pizza gives you the opportunity to buy their large sized pizza and get an additional one free on one Tuesday in a month. The great thing about this promo is that you can have the meal delivered. The quality when it is a promo day is the same as any other day.

All pizza outlets have to emulate what Papa’s Pizza is doing. The competition has become tough and to be able to succeed in the industry, there’s a need to come up with more innovative ways of serving your customers. Sometimes it’s not just about taste but service. Great service will have people always coming back to you!

Pizza Inn Menu, Pizza Inn Delivery in Accra – 0577690493

Pizza Inn Accra, Ghana

Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the many restaurants in the Simbisa Group.  They joined the Ghanaian market about a decade ago. Pizza inn is one of the major pizza restaurants in Accra. Many are curious to know what is on the Pizza Inn Menu

Pizza Inn branches, Ghana 

There are about six (6 ) Pizza Inn branches in Ghana. This number is still expanding as time goes on. The branches of Pizza Inn include; Pizza Inn Accra Mall, Pizza Inn Achimota Mall, Pizza Inn KIAPizza Inn Junction Mall, Pizza Inn 37 and Pizza Inn West Hills Mall. In recent times there are rumours there will soon be a Pizza Inn Pig Farm. Most of these branches are situated in places that are easily accessible to customers. New branches will be added to accommodate customers from everywhere in Accra. The Pizza Inn Menu can be found displayed when you visit any of these branches

Pizza Inn Menu

There are many varieties of pizzas that can be found on the Pizza Inn menu. The menu is categorised under Classic Pizzas, Deluxe Pizzas. The recent new additions include All Seasons and Fully Loaded pizzas. Customers favourites include Meat Deluxe Pizza, BBQ Steak Pizza, Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza and Fully loaded.

Pizza Inn Promotions

In the quest to appreciate their customers, Pizza inn, Accra has come up with promotions such as Terrific Tuesday and Thursday – buy one medium or large classic pizza at GH¢ 40 or GH¢ 50 and get an additional one free. These promotions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Recently, a new promo has been added. You can buy 2 mega classic pizzas at GH¢ 90.00 only. You can view the Pizza Inn Menu on Pizarea to see the available options for the promos.

Pizza Inn Prices

Pizza inn has very affordable prices. You and I can get a meal ranging from GH¢ 25.00 to GH¢ 75.00. You can choose any size of pizza on the pizza inn menu – from the small to the medium to the large and even the mega-size.

Pizza inn delivery

Pizza inn Ghana also provides convenience for its customers. Pizarea has partnered with Pizza Inn so that as customers, you can order your pizza online for delivery anywhere in Accra. You and I can order from any of the branches for delivery or for pick up. The Pizza Inn menu is displayed on the Pizarea App or website for your perusal.

Terrific Thursdays from Pizza Inn in Ghana – Call 0577690493

About Pizza Inn

A Pizza Inn pizza box might be one of the most recognizable icons of Africa. Especially on Terrific Thursdays. Whichever way you slice it, Pizza Inn is an industry leader in the quick-service pizza game. The first Pizza Inn outlet opened its doors in 1994 in Harare, Zimbabwe, and rose quickly in popularity.  By serving hot oven-fresh pizza with its signature all-natural tomato sauce and using only the freshest ingredients, Pizza Inn has consequently established itself at the top of the industry and is easily one of the first choices in quick service pizza in Africa.

We produce the homemade pizza in-house daily and it’s another reason why the pizza at Pizza Inn always taste better. The Twisty Bread, the signature Wingz and the delicious Double Meal are additional value-for-money options that keep our satisfied customers coming back time after time. These are the meals that have made our Terrific Thursdays everyone’s favorite day of the week. When entertaining, a Hawaiian, a Regina, or a Peri Peri Chicken pizza from Pizza Inn is the obvious and perfect option to please crowds of all ages.

Today, with an expansive footprint across the African continent, Pizza Inn is bigger than ever and has proven to be a pivotal cornerstone of Simbisa Brands’ success. Alongside Simbisa’s other brands, Pizza Inn rounds out the Simbisa offerings to provide affordable and tasty choices for everyone. Already boasting outlets in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Mauritius, DRC, Malawi, Swaziland and Namibia, Pizza Inn intends to grow the brand to bring its unbeatable flavour-filled pizza to the entire African continent.


In Ghana, there are about six (6) branches across the capital, Accra. These Pizza Inn Branches include for instance Pizza Inn Accra Mall, Pizza Inn Junction Mall, Pizza Inn Achimota Mall, Pizza Inn 37, Pizza Inn KIA, and Pizza Inn Westhills Mall. These branches are at the most accessible places across Accra. Order from all branches on Terrific Tuesdays.

Ordering Online (Terrific Thursdays)

In pushing to serve all customers both walk in customers and those that want delivery, Pizza Inn has recently signed up on Pizarea. Customers can order on all days including Terrific Thursdays on the platform and expect free delivery for the month of June 2019. For anyone looking for Pizza Inn contact online, they simply have to visit the Pizarea website and they can place their orders

Order Online from Pizza Hut Ghana on Pizarea – 0577690493


Pizza Hut is an American chain of restaurants that has branches spread across the world in the form of international Franchises. They are well known for their Italian-American cuisine menu, thus mainly pizza and pasta. However, they have side dishes and desserts in addition. We are happy to have Pizza Hut Ghana now!

Pizza Hut came to Ghana about 3 years ago and they have since been the hallmark of the pizza industry. The standards they live by and the care with which they prepare the meals just sets them apart from the other pizza joints in Accra. Although a franchise, the taste is impeccably the same as the over 16,000 Pizza Hut locations across the globe. They are currently located in the United States, China, India, Russia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the world.

Pizza Hut was founded in June 1958, with about 60 years of experience in Pizza, you can be guaranteed of nothing but the best pizza, service, and experience. They, however, rebranded in November 2014 in order to give their customers a much better experience and to boost their sales.


In Ghana, Pizza Hut has several branches across Accra. They include Pizza Hut Spintex Palace Mall, Pizza Hut East Legon, Pizza Hut Achimota Mall, Pizza Hut Dzorwulu, Pizza Hut Weija, Pizza Hut Tema Community 10  and more recently, Pizza Hut Takoradi. Pizza Hut Ghana is one of the biggest and most popular pizza restaurants in Ghana mainly because of their popularity gained beyond the shores of Ghana.


Pizza Hut engages in their own delivery in Accra. Delivery takes about 6km radius from the restaurant branch to the customers’ location.The good news is that delivery is free for orders from Pizza Hut Ghana. They are not only very efficient but also very reliable. When it comes to customer service, Pizza Hut prides itself with a very reliable and well-trained staff. They adhere to strict hygienic conditions which enable customers to feel assured and comfortable eating dining with them.

Pizza Hut Ghana on Pizarea

Customers can place orders for their favorite pizza hut meal directly online and have it delivered to them using Pizarea platform. Pizza Hut Ghana has some exciting deals that customers will love to enjoy. You can get a full package meal for only GH¢ 35.00. Also from Monday to Wednesday, you can get 2 boxes of their large or medium pizzas at subsidized costs. Whether at home or in the office, with Pizarea your delicious pizza can always be delivered to you.

Pizza Hut Ghana is now a household name and it has indeed come to stay. Pizza Hut – No One Outpizzas the Hut-

Pizza Inn Delivery Contact Accra – 0577690493

Pizza Inn Ghana Delivery

Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the most notable pizza restaurants in Ghana. It is a brand that has several branches across Africa including Pizza Inn Kenya, Pizza Inn Zimbabwe and Pizza Inn Ghana. Recently in Accra, there has been an increase in demand for Pizza Inn Delivery. For the Pizza Inn Menu Accra, customers can check out the Pizza Inn Page on Pizarea.


For Pizza Inn Delivery contact, customers can call the following numbers for each branch

there are able customer service personnel ready and willing to assist you with your orders and any enquiry you may have.

Pizza Inn Delivery Promos

Currently, there are a number of promos that Pizza Inn is running across branches.  Anyone who is interested in Pizza Inn Delivery can take advantage of these promos. The promos have been outlined below:

Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo

Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo has been running in Accra for a very long time now. Every Tuesday, customers have the chance to buy two (2) medium classic pizzas at GH¢ 40.00 or two (2) large classic pizzas at GH¢ 50.00. Previously delivery was not available for this promo. However, currently on Tuesdays, there’s Pizza Inn Delivery for terrific Tuesdays orders.


Pizza Inn Delivery Promo (Medium Classic Pizzas)

On the Pizza Inn Menu, there are different categories of pizza. These include, Classic Pizzas, Deluxe Pizzas and some New Additions. This Pizza Inn Delivery Promo is on the medium classic pizzas. Buy any two (2) medium classic pizzas at only GH¢ 35.00. This offer is only for delivery orders for the month of July, 2019.

Pizza Inn Accra on Pizarea

Pizarea recently signed the Simbisa Brands restaurants including Pizza Inn Accra, Chicken Inn Accra, Galito’s, Vida e Cafe KIA. Customers can currently order pizza online from Pizza Inn and its related brands from Pizarea.

Order Food Online from Galito’s on Pizarea

About Galito’s

The Galito’s story began in the Mpumalanga City of Nelspruit, when the first Galito’s outlet opened its doors in 1996. With a powerful combination of great tasting chicken, excellent service and pride in what they do, Galito’s soon became a huge success.

In 2003 Galito’s decided to share its unique flavours with the rest of South Africa. It was at this point that the Galito’s Brand began to develop, and the franchising efforts took off in earnest. Galito’s has since opened to huge acclaim around South Africa, with new outlets in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo.

2012 was a big year as Galito’s expanded its footprint into the neighbouring kingdoms of Swaziland and Lesotho. The resounding success of the Swazi stores led to the opening of two more outlets within just 12 months. It was also the year Galito’s grew further into Africa, with 2 stores opening in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Galito’s strives to give its customers the best value for money, ensuring customers are provided with the highest quality meals at the most affordable prices. Galito’s will always be the healthiest option, using only natural ingredients in the marinade and bastings, providing its customers with fresh, made to order meals.

Galito’s in Ghana

As other brands of Simbisa, Galito’s is also present in Ghana. They are known for their tasty chicken and affordable prices. They serve one of the best grilled chicken in Accra. Galito’s can be located in Ghana at the Total Filling Station at 37.

Recently as other Simbisa Brands in Ghana, the restaurant joined the Pizarea platform where customers can easily go online browse the Galito’s Menu and order for their food. Customers are given the option to pick up at the branch or to request for delivery anywhere in Accra. There’s free delivery for orders in the month of June 2019.

If you’re in search of Galito’s contact, look no further than the Pizarea platform. There are customer engagement officers ready to help you with your enquiry and to place orders.

Order Chicken Inn Online on Pizarea – 0577690493


Every great story has a beginning. Simbisa Brands’ story began when the inaugural Chicken Inn outlet opened in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1987. Its focus was on using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to produce a delicious and affordable menu. The renowned fried chicken pieces, fried chicken burgers, fresh rotisserie chicken, spicy chicken wings and the famous hand-cut chips that are made daily in our restaurant outlets are the reasons why this brand has grown exponentially over the years. That same focus continues today in every outlet across Africa, making it one of the most recognizable brands on the continent.

Chicken Inn’s commitment to providing its customers the guaranteed distinctive taste synonymous with the brand is the key to our success. The popular 2-Piecer stands alone as the “meal of the people.” As one of our top sellers, this delectable option satisfies thousands of on-the-go consumers daily.

Three decades later, the outlet continues to offer value for money with a broad- spectrum menu that appeals to individuals as well as families. We have convenient drive-through services in multiple locations in Africa. Only the best A-grade chicken and premium spices are used to ensure the quality taste that the brand is famous for. As a proudly Zimbabwean brand, Chicken Inn currently boasts 112 outlets throughout Africa, including Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Swaziland, Namibia, Malawi and DRC. The ever-increasing footprint of Chicken Inn and Simbisa Brands provides the people of Africa with affordable, uniquely flavoured and high-quality quick service meals.


Chicken Inn Ghana has about five branches in the Accra. These branches include Chicken Inn Accra Mall, Junction Mall, Achimota Mall, Westhills Mall and Chicken Inn KIA located at Airport Shell.

Chicken Inn on Pizarea

The restaurant in Ghana can be found on the Pizarea platform to serve online customers. You can browse the Chicken Inn menu to see the chicken inn prices online. The new crispy chicken menu introduced by Chicken Inn Ghana is making waves. You can get spicy jumbo wings for just GH¢ 10.00 or GH¢ 13.00. Also, you can get 2 pieces crispy chicken with fries or rice at only GH¢ 14.00. What’s more, the 9 pieces crispy bucket goes for a cool GH¢ 40.00.

They are notable for their affordable prices and tasty chicken. There are other brands that are under the same management as the restaurant. These include Pizza Inn, Galitos and Creamy Inn all under Simbisa Brands.