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The Peterpan Menu from the restaurant is perfect for chicken lovers and  pizza lovers!

Peterpan Restaurant is one of the most notable restaurants in Ghana. They are known for their tasty chicken and affordable prices. They serve one of the best Fried Crispy Chicken in Accra. They have been in existence for over a decade. Not only are they known for their tasty chicken, but also for their sumptuous burgers, pizzas, as well as other side meals.

Peterpan Restaurant Branches

The Restaurant has several branches in Ghana and they include; Peterpan East Legon, Peterpan Madina, Peterpan Dzorwulu, Peterpan Kumasi Mall, and Peterpan Tema and the newly opened Peterpan Osu Branch

Currently, in Ghana, Pizza Restaurants have become innumerable. There is a growing demand for pizza and it does not look like this growing demand is going down anytime soon. This is why the professional fast food restaurant of Ghanaian roots, Peter Pan has ventured into the pizza industry. As part of the Peterpan Menu, you’d find your favorite pizza with the best toppings you can imagine.

Peterpan Osu Branch

To feed the growing demand in the central part of Accra, a new branch has been opened at Osu. Now, people at Osu and its environs can enjoy their favorite chicken dishes as well as a variety of pizza types available at Peterpan. Delivery is certainly available and delivery charges because of close proximity will greatly reduce as a result. Customers will be happier than before!

Peter Pan restaurant has attained the recognition of serving the most delicious crispy chicken and supreme pizza at very cool prices. Place your orders online from any of the branches of Peter Pan on Pizarea and have them delivered to you at your doorstep. The newest branch is also available on the Pizarea platform. You can access it both on the app and on the web.

Peterpan Menu on Pizarea

Being on Pizarea, customers can easily go online to view and browse the Peterpan Menu. Customers can then go-ahead to order their favorite chicken meals or pizza online. Customers are given the option to pick up at the branch or to request delivery anywhere in Accra. If you’re in search of Peterpan’s contact, look no further than the Pizarea platform. There are customer engagement officers ready to help you with your inquiry and to place orders. Customers can also place orders via WhatsApp from Peter Pan on 0577690493.



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